MTT Advanced 3D VR Glass Headset Universal Model



High-quality adjustable positioning lens systems for viewing High Definition quality 3D videos and games. Lenses are vacuum-ion plated capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation 0.40mm diameter HD Optical resin lenses with Anti Blue Ray coating reduce deformity, remove glare and prevent eye fatigue.

MTT Advanced 3D VR Glass Headset

Patented truly unique design with independent research and design development. Unique design for convenient head positioning and long usage. Perfect Fit, including room for eyeglasses and improved padding for extra comfort and durability.

Constructed using high-quality ABS material for a comfortable use for a long term. Prevents smell and fouling from long use. Perforated PU materials for summer sweat evaporation while watching a movie for a long time, easy to clean & environmentally friendly materials.

Adjust your suitable focal distance by rolling the adjustable wheel from a range of 52 mm – 65mm. Object distance adjustment is supported from 65 mm – 75 mm distance. Glass is suitable for Myopia below 700°. The additional sponge is given to adjust the phone’s viewing area in phones like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, etc. More about MTT Advanced 3D VR Glass Headset on

MTT Advanced 3D VR Glass Headset Specifications

Model Number: VRHEADSET-BLACK- Curve
Brand Color: Black
Model Name: Advanced 3D VR Glass Headset Universal Model
Type: Smart Glasses
Suitable For: Entertainment
Color: Black
Field of View: 100 degrees
Weight: 357 g

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