Bose Sound Sport Free (774373-0020) Truly Wireless Earbuds Sport Headphone with Mic


No wires mean no confinements. What’s more, Bose Sound Sport free earphones are totally remote so you can appreciate add up to an opportunity of development with nothing-not, in any case, a solitary string in your direction. The acoustic bundle is intended to convey sound so clear and ground-breaking it will rouse you to go quicker, lift heavier and prepare longer.

Bluetooth innovation transmits music from your smartphone to the earphones, so music plays dependably and reliably whether your smartphone is in your adjacent duffel bag, pocket or lashed to your arm. Stressed your earbuds will drop out amid your exercise? try not to be. Stay hear+ sports tips are worked to remain easily set up, notwithstanding when you’re preparing hard. What’s more, in the event that you can’t discover an earbud, all expectation isn’t lost.
You can find lost earbuds utilizing the Bose interface application’s “discover my buds” include. It indicates when and where the earbuds were last associated with your smartphone. As yet experiencing difficulty finding your earbuds? try not to stress, a sound flag from the earphones can Alert you to their area. Try not to sweat your perspiration (or the climate) either, in light of the fact that water-repellent materials Inside the earbuds help keep dampness out.

Off a solitary charge, the earbuds play for up to five hours, and the completely charged case gives you an extra 10 long stretches of music, prepared to play when you are. At the point when not being used, the accusing case is composed of work in magnets to keep the earbuds safely set up. Play or interruption tracks and access your smartphone’s Siri or your Google aide ideal from the earbud. You can even accept smartphone calls through the privilege earbud as it were.


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Bose Sound Sport Free (774373-0020) Wireless Sport Headphone Features
Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones
Meet your exercise’s mystery weapon – the principal genuinely remote in-ear earphones from Bose. They are genuinely free from wires so you can appreciate add up to the flexibility of development. These earbuds are stuffed with cutting-edge innovations to convey clear, great sound that is loaded with life. No pops splits or murmurs – SoundSport Free earphones keep up a solid and dependable remote flag, regardless of whether your smartphone is in your grasp, close-by duffel bag or lashed to your arm. They fit serenely and safely, so you can run, hop, lift, climb, wander aimlessly without stress. What’s more, the earbuds are outlined with water-repellent work, guaranteeing that rain and sweat remain out, so all you hear is the music that spurs you.
No Wires. No Compromises
Bose fixated on everything about make earbuds with a solid and dependable flag. So all you hear is your music, with the sort of clear, ground-breaking sound that takes your exercise to the following level.
Sweat and Weather Resistant
Try not to sweat your perspiration (or the rain). The earbuds are made with water-repulse ent work (with an IPX4 rating) to ensure you can push your exercise to its maximum without yielding execution.
Formed to Stay Put and Feel Good
Try not to stress over your earbuds dropping out. StayHear+ Sports tips (3 sets in sizes S/M/L) and a calculated spout give a protected and agreeable fit. So simply ahead and put your body under serious scrutiny. Your earphones will be there in a jiffy with you.
Calls, Commands and Easy Control
Accept a call, play or respite tracks, change the volume or access your smartphone’s Siri or your Google Assistant appropriate from the earbud. What’s more, voice prompts make Bluetooth matching a breeze.
Track Lost Buds and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
Stressed you lost an earbud? Try not to be. Simply utilize the “Discover My Buds” highlight of the Bose Connect application to track when and where your earphones were last associated with your smartphone. As yet experiencing difficulty finding your earbuds? Try not to stress, a sound flag from the earphones can caution you to their area. You additionally can oversee Bluetooth associations, switch between gadgets, customize your settings and get programming refreshes.
Charge it in a hurry
The charged case ensures your earbuds and holds them set up while they travel in your duffel bag. And keeping in mind that it holds them, it charges them, as well. It can convey two extra charging cycles or up to 10 long periods of battery life.
Bose Sound Sport Free (774373-0020) Wireless Sport Headphone Specifications


Release Date: December 2017
Model Name & No: Sound Sport Free/774373-0020
Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 x 3.2 cm
Weight: 18 g
Battery: 3 Lithium-Ion (Re-chargeable)
Battery Backup: Up to 5 Hours (Full Charge Condition)
Charging Time: 2 Hours
Charging Case: Available
Colors: Black/Orange/Midnight Blue
Bluetooth: Yes
Wireless: Yes
Sweat & Weather Resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating)
Mic: Yes

Earbuds: Yes

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