Sony MDR-XB950B1 On-Ear Wireless Premium Extra Bass Headphone with Bluetooth/NFC

Sony MDR-XB950B1 – Description

The Sony MDR-XB950B1 will set your heartbeat hustling with vibrating bass. Its great 40mm neodymium drivers consolidate with beat reaction control and an electro-bass supporter to repeat the pound and excite of club sound. With inherent Bluetooth, you’ll never need to stress over wires acting as a burden as you move to your most loved tracks.

Advance up to punchy, resounding rhythms. Additionally, accompanies another cell phone application to streamline bass and 4 encompasses sound impacts to feel more profundity and clearness with an electro-bass supporter that reproduces the pounding beats in your most loved move music. It accompanies a sound string that enables you to tune in to the provided sound line so you can utilize it on a gadget without Bluetooth.

Electro Bass Booster
Feel your earphones throbbing with profound, club-like bass. The Electro Bass Booster is a fueled bass enhancer that builds low-recurrence sound utilizing Digital Signal Processing. Driven by the battery-powered battery in the earphones, this innovation gives all the more a multi-tactile, profound bass experience than customary bass lift enhancers. You can turn Electro Bass Booster on and off, contingent upon the music you are tuning in to.
Additional Bass Technology
Customized for Electronic Dance Music darlings. The upgraded Extra Bass innovation empowers you to appreciate the power of profound bass notes in an assortment of areas and situations, much the same as being at a real club or live celebration. The Bass Booster increases the low-end frequencies through a uniquely composed pipe in the lodging, while an enhanced seal between the driver unit and your ears keeps sound in.
40 mm Neodymium Driver Unit Exclusive to Extra Bass
40 mm neodymium driver unit elite to Extra Bass, Swivel Earcups for simple versatility. Lightweight 40mm powerful Neodymium driver units empower the earphones to convey a punchy, cadenced reaction to even the most requested track. Joined with a very delicate stomach, you’ll have the capacity to turn the earphones up louder and still appreciate clear, exact sound over the range.
Tweaked by You
Presently, set the ideal sound for each tune. Sony Headphones interface app4 gives you a chance to modify your bass levels and gives you presets for the open air arrange, club, lobby, or field style sound.
Bluetooth and NFC for Wireless Music Streaming
In view of radio waves, Bluetooth innovation enables you to make a snappy, short-run remote association that won’t be hindered by articles in the flag way. Once combined, you’re allowed to stream the majority of your most loved music from your cell phone or tablet to your earphones.
Worked in Mic for Hands-Free Calling
The inherent catch and Mic on the headband empowers you to grasp sans hands calls from chosen cell phones while tuning in to music. Switch effectively among melodies and calls with no compelling reason to evacuate your earphones.
Tune in Comfort
The oval ear cushion plan with weight alleviating pads has been designed to coordinate the state of your ears, guaranteeing a safe fit with negligible sound spillage. Ultra thick ear cushions with consistent 3D sewing seal in sound, reflecting acoustics back towards your ears. Thus, you’ll hear a greater amount of your music with less outside impedance and most extreme bass marks.
Beat Response Control
Beat Response Control innovation conveys tight, profound bass reaction, making it ideal for low-end centered music styles. An air vent boosts wind current inside the low-recurrence extend, enhancing the proficiency of the stomach to empower more precise proliferation of bass rhythms.
3-28,000Hz Frequency Range
The wideband recurrence goes – spreading over 3Hz to 28kHz* – is intended for the present bass-substantial music. The 3Hz low end of the recurrence extends grabs each great sub-bass note, while at the 28kHz top of the line, you’ll have the capacity to appreciate vocal songs in exceptional clearness.  Passive activity just; 20Hz to 20kHz A2DP.
High Sensitivity for a Loud, Clear Sound
With a high affectability of 105dB/mW, these earphones are exceedingly productive in changing over power into acoustic signs. This implies you’ll hear a louder sound over the whole sound range (contrasted with less delicate earphones) when tuning in to music through a similar source and at a similar volume level.
Tune in with Supplied Audio Cable
On the off chance that you come up short on battery. At that point you don’t miss your music, you can simply associate the provided sound link to your earphones and connect to your most loved music player for top-notch sound. The link is 1.2 meters in length and intended for solid regular utilize.
Up to 18 Hours of Battery Life
A more extended battery life gives you broadened tuning in with 18 long periods of unrivaled sound. Furthermore, you can appreciate the opportunity of the remote network with Bluetooth and NFC One-contact tuning in.
Sony MDR-XB950B1 Full Specifications
Release Date: January 2017
Model No: MDR-XB950B1
Dimensions: 27.9 x 22.5 x 7.5 cm
Weight: 280 g
Colors: Black/Blue
Battery: Lithium Ion
Battery Backup: Up to 18 Hours
Bluetooth: Yes
NFC: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Extra Bass: Yes
Frequency Range: 3 – 28kHz
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