Motorola’s RAZR is returning as a Foldable Phone with cost around $1,500


About Motorola’s RAZR report 

Motorola’s notable ‘RAZR‘ is making an amazing rebound. In an ongoing report, the WSJ referred to various sources to affirm that Lenovo, which holds rights to the Motorola mark, is attempting to resuscitate it. What’s more, the organization is making RAZR ‘Foldable’ rather than utilizing the old flip phone like structure.

Motorola's RAZR is returning as a Foldable Phone with cost around $1,500
Motorola RAZR

New RAZR phone with the Foldable Display

Addressing individuals acquainted with the issue, WSJ has discovered that Lenovo is taking a shot at a RAZR-marked foldable screen cell phone. The report does not uncover what the smartphone would look like or how its presentation would overlay/unfurl however recommends the entire thing would cost about $1,500. This matches the value expected of Samsung’s up and coming Galaxy F foldable cell phone.

Motorola intends to fabricate 2 lakh new RAZR

As indicated by sources, Lenovo wants to make around 200,000 units of the new RAZR. The unit check of the gadget unmistakably demonstrates that the Chinese organization is relying on the fame of the RAZR brand. The sources additionally included Lenovo is working with Verizon to dispatch the gadget in February, yet underlined, it is still in the testing stage and the discharge course of events could change.

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In spite of the fact that Motorola had presented different symbols of RAZR, the first ‘flip phones’, which came in 2004-05, were the greatest hits from the organization. Outstandingly, it sold more than 130 million units of the first RAZR V3 model.

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Think about New RAZR Phone

Passing by the proposed value, we hope to see leader level highlights on the foldable RAZR. Be that as it may, starting at now, there’s no word on the real subtleties, including its determinations or even screen estimate. The smartphone, as The Verge says, could either pursue the cutting edge scene based foldable component or stay aware of the flip-phone slant with a vertically folding display.


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