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What is ‘WhatsApp Gold’ scam and here is how to avoid the scam

What is ‘WhatsApp Gold’ scam?

In 2016, a few WhatsApp clients got a message about ‘WhatsApp Gold’ with a link to download it. It guaranteed ‘Gold’ offered highlights like sending 100 photographs and erasing sent messages. Be that as it may, in actuality, it was only an approach to trap clients into downloading malware.

What is ‘WhatsApp Gold’ scam and here is how to avoid the scam

Here are 4 easy steps to avoid ‘WhatsApp Gold’ scam

1.  Updates just come via of Play Store or Apple App Store

On the off chance that a message professes to offer a redesign for WhatsApp or some other administration, recall the way that refreshes just come by means of authoritative sources. On cell phones, you get genuine updates by means of the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and downloading an application through some other source could demonstrate noxiously. Along these lines, avoid installing applications through an obscure source/interface sent in messages.

2. Try not to open videos/pictures sent by obscure numbers

Inside WhatsApp’s premises, any person with your contact number is equipped for sending messages, photographs, and recordings. The component is convenient, yet in some cases, fraudsters can misuse this element by including you irregular gatherings or sending malignant media records. In this way, never open documents sent by individuals you don’t know as it might open an outer connection and download a malevolent payload on your gadget.

3. watch out for the ‘forwarded’ label

So as to battle the spread of phony news, WhatsApp marks sent messages with a ‘forwarded’ tag. The element is little, however, can help a great deal in recognizing possibly hurtful messages. Put just, if a suspicious message about some extremely fascinating offer appears on WhatsApp and conveys the ‘ forwarded ‘ tag, take it with a spot of salt since chances are it’s fake.

Search for indications of fake messages

Fake messages could incorporate nearly anything, yet the basic ones may invite you to forward messages, download files, or open links by a notice about record suspension dangers, promising prizes, or naming individuals subsidiary with WhatsApp or Facebook.

4. Keep in mind about to Block/Report users

In the event that you’ve distinguished a suspicious message or fabrication spreading on WhatsApp, take its screenshot and report the issue to WhatsApp by reaching the organization from the application’s settings. Then, erase message for good and block its sender from the administration, if conceivable. Along these lines, they won’t have the capacity to get in touch with you again on WhatsApp, regardless of whether they have your phone number.

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