Skype bug automatically answers incoming calls on Android


Answer incoming calls automatically 

Microsoft has for some time been putting forth Skype with an option called “answer incoming calls automatically”. The element got to from settings, is gone for helping people monitor pets or children, however, at this point, it doesn’t kill – notwithstanding when you do that expressly.
This implies, regardless of how you treat this setting, Skype for Android will automatically answer an incoming call, reported by Android Police.
Skype bug automatically answers incoming calls on Android

This can prompt a noteworthy break of privacy

The bug being referred to can undoubtedly bargain the privacy of people utilizing Skype on their Android.
Fundamentally, the application could be utilized for spying or listening stealthily on conversations, which no one might want in the event that they’re on the accepting side of a call.
Likewise, the same number of people use Skype for work-related correspondence, it could even acknowledge a call from your manager when you’re not dressed.

Uninstalling seems, by all accounts, to be the workaround

A few clients have featured the issue in Microsoft’s help forums, yet up until this point, no workaround is by all accounts working. 
Some state that separating Google Wear and Samsung Gear may help, however, that is not the situation for each individual seeing the issue. 
Thus, the main arrangement you may have as of now is uninstalling the application and changing to an alternate one.

On the off chance that you need Skype, go for the most recent beta version

You could change to Viber, Duo, WhatsApp for video calling. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need Skype, go for the most recent beta version.
Discussion reports show the most recent beta rendition has fixed the issue, which implies Microsoft has officially observed the issue and will issue a fix with the steady discharge as well.
In any case, until that occurs, it’s smarter to utilize Skype beta.
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