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Huawei HarmonyOS: Everything to know about it


Huawei HarmonyOS

Tech giant Huawei has officially unveiled HarmonyOS, another operating system that can supplant its dependence on Android.
HarmonyOS, which is designated “Hongmeng” in Chinese, is touted to work over a scope of devices including smartphones, wearables, smart TVs, and in-vehicle systems to make a mutual environment.
HarmonyOS is totally unique in relation to Android and iOS” due to its capacity to scale crosswise over various sorts of devices, said Richard Yu, CEO, Huawei’s buyer business group. “You can develop your applications once, at that point adaptably convey them over a scope of various devices,” he noted.
Huawei HarmonyOS: Everything to know about it

HarmonyOS is an open-source platform

As indicated by Huawei, HarmonyOS is a microkernel-based disseminated operating system that will be released as an open-source platform. But, the company won’t enable root access.
developed via circulated ability unit, can be effectively settled for any device to make a consistent cross-device experience and a common developer biological system.
Huawei likewise noticed that HarmonyOS will have a checked TEE (Trusted Execution Environment).
Further, Huawei claims that HarmonyOS will be faster and smoother than Android

HarmonyOS has appeared on Honor Smart Screen

HarmonyOS has appeared on the Honor Smart Screen, a 55-inch Smart TV from Huawei’s sub-brand Honor. The company portrays the UI as “magazine-style” which is custom-fitted for the enormous screen design.
The OS comes pressed with new-age highlights incorporating mixes with different local Chinese services, DLNA standard screencasting, video doorbell reconciliation, and a streaming assistant that helps locate the correct service dependent on the substance.

Will HarmonyOS replace Android on Huawei smartphones?

Huawei faces the risk of losing access to the Android system. As per Richard Yu, the circumstance with respect to whether they can utilize Android is still “unclear” and that the company is “looking out for an update” to discover.
Further, he said that Huawei can begin utilizing HarmonyOS in smartphones “whenever,” yet for the present, the company is offering “priority” to Android.

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