All you need to update your Google Chrome immediately Know why

All you need to update your Google Chrome immediately: Know why


Are you using Google Chrome? Better update it immediately.
Some of the researchers working for Google has hailed a couple of basic vulnerabilities in the browser. The issues, the state, represent a significant threat to PC security and one of them is in any event, being abused.
Details about two Bug in Chrome
A couple of days back, Google shared a post itemizing two vulnerabilities in Chrome – CVE-2019-13721 and CVE-2019-13720.
Google referred to both as ‘high-risk’ issues yet denied sharing extra details to counteract any instances of attacks.
In any case, it noted that a zero-day misuse for one of the vulnerabilities being referred to has just been seen in the wild.
Google said in a blog “Access to bug details and links might be kept restricted until a larger part of users are updated with a fix,”, including that they are “aware of reports that an endeavor for CVE-2019-13720 the wild.”
All in all, how hackers can harm you by misusing these vulnerabilities?
The issues being referred to have been portrayed as “use-after-free” blemishes that, according to Mashable, may utilize recently utilized memory (after it’s liberated) and allow hackers to execute malicious code.
This could then be utilized to “take control of an affected system,” the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said in a notice identified with the issues.
How you can fix all about
To fix this issue all you need to update your Chrome browser which has now released and available for download.
The security fix will turn out automatically to all Chrome users. However, on the off chance that you need prompt protection, it is recommended to download the update physically manually, announced bu Google.
To download, open the Chrome browser’s menu bar and click the “About Google Chrome” option.
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