Apple AirPods Pro v_s AirPods Comparison

Apple AirPods Pro v/s AirPods: Comparison

Apple has launched the AirPods Pro as an updated variant of its well known wireless earbuds, the AirPods.The AirPods Pro, priced at almost Rs. 25,000, accompanies an improved design, dynamic noise cancellation feature, and the standard AirPods cost at Rs. 14,900.

Thus, here’s a comparison of both models.

Apple AirPods Pro v/s AirPods: Design
The AirPods Pro comes with an all-new design, with swappable silicone ear tips for a progressively secure and fixed in-ear fit just as a littler stem than the standard AirPods.
The Pro model likewise utilizes a vent equalize pressure inside the ear canal, something which was missing on the standard AirPods.
Moreover, the new variation is additionally sweated and water-resistant.
Both AirPods features and battery life
The AirPods Pro offers the Active Noise Cancellation. The earbuds utilize two microphones to remove background noise at up to 200 times each second.
The Pro model additionally comes with a transparency mode, and “Versatile EQ” highlights but the standard model gives you a chance to hear ambient sounds and the last “ambient sounds,” bringing about an improved listening experience.
As far as battery life, on a single charge, the Pro offers 3.5 long periods of talk time and 4.5 hours stretches of music playback with ANC turned on. On the off chance that ANC is turned off, the earbuds will present to 5 hours of use.
Otherhand, the AirPods offer 3 hours of talking time and 5 hours of playback time. Both AirPods bolster wireless charging and the case offers 24 hours of charge.
Apple AirPods Pro v/s AirPods: Functions
The Apple AirPods Pro gets a force sensor at the bottom of the stem which can be utilized to switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. This sensor likewise gives you a chance to control capacities like play/pause and skipping tracks.
In the examination, the standard AirPods accompany contact sensors for controlling music.
Further, the two models support “Hello Siri” functionality to activate Siri.
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