WhatsApp introduced new “Fingerprint Lock” features for Android


WhatsApp “fingerprint lock” features

WhatsApp has introduced another fingerprint lock feature on its Android app, for more security.
Named as “Fingerprint Lock”, it enables you to open the app just with your fingerprints, in this way blocking any unauthorized access. 
Quite, the feature was introduced for iOS users in February this year.
WhatsApp introduced new "Fingerprint Lock" features for Android

All you have to know about how the fingerprint lock feature works

The unique fingerprint lock feature enables you to confine app access, making it outlandish for unauthorized users to pick up entry to the app.
Your novel unique fingerprint presently works like a password to open WhatsApp and it’s unquestionably more helpful than entering long passwords.
The app utilizes the phone’s built-in fingerprint reader to read the fingerprint and award access upon successful verification.

Also, the notifications setting can be customized

With the unique fingerprint lock, you can choose the time frame in which the app will automatically lock. These options incorporate following shutting the app, following 1-minute, or following 30-minutes. Moreover, you can likewise enable/disable the preview of the content and the sender’s name in notifications.

Then, how to enable the fingerprint lock for WhatsApp on Android? 

To begin with, make sure that your WhatsApp is the latest updated version.
Presently, rush to WhatsApp Settings on your phone, then Account, and now tap on Privacy.
Under the Privacy, search for the Fingerprint unlock feature and enable it by confirming that you need to utilize your registered fingerprint sensor to safely open WhatsApp.

On certain phones, you may need to follow a different procedure

In the meantime, on some Android phones (particularly OnePlus), you may need to follow an alternative way to enable fingerprint lock for WhatsApp.
In case you can’t turn on the feature utilizing the previously mentioned strategy, go to Settings on your handset and search for Utilities.
Tap on App locker and enter your handset pin to login. Then click on Add apps (+) icon and select WhatsApp.

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