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Xiaomi launched a cute little power bank that can keep your hand warm

Tech giant Xiaomi always trying to give us unique and value-for-money products like – smartphones, smart TV and utility devices and accessories. Now the company has introduced a small power bank that also works as a hand warmer, perfect for this winter season.
Power bank and Hand warmer
Xiaomi’s new device, named Xiaomi Hand Warmer and Power Bank, includes a slick ball-like profile that fits effectively inside the palm of your hand.
It offers a 5,000mAh battery pack which is sufficient (in spite of the fact that not the best) to keep your smartphone fully operational in an on-the-go.
This device additionally includes a built-in warmer for your hands.
The power bank can warm as 52 degrees
According to Xiaomi, the device can warm up to as much as 52 degrees.
In this way, essentially, during cold winter days, you could utilize it to charge your phone just as to keep your hands warm simultaneously.
Prominently, the power bank made with unique technology to stay away from issues like overcharging or overheating.
The device safe enough for use
The power bank made by multi-material composite innovation and heatproof ABS to limit the risk of an unforeseen fire or an explosion.
Also, so as to forestall overheating while at the same time charging, the organization has coordinated built-in overcharge protection also automatically power-cut system, if necessary.
Using this device is also truly simple
The power bank is the adorable Xiaomi device that works pretty effectively.
On the front, there are two buttons: one for showing the rest of the charge on its small display while the other for activating the hand warmer.
The display shows the temperature at which it is warming your hands.
Pricing and availability details
In China, it is available in Green, Pink, and Red color options at CNY138. Unfortunately, the device is not available in India.

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