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Apple iPhone XR: The top-selling smartphone worldwide in Q3 2019

Apple iPhone XR turned into the top-selling smartphone model worldwide in the third quarter of 2019. A study conducted by Counterpoint Research revealed that Apple capturing a 3% market share.

Truth be told, with the exception of the launch quarter in September 2018, iPhone XR has been the top-selling model worldwide in every quarter since Q4 2018, as per Counterpoint’s “Market Pulse”.

Further, the iPhone XR phone alone added to more than one-fourth of the all-out Apple sales during the quarter and has taken the spot of the top-selling phone of the year.

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Apple iPhone XR: Worldwide top-selling smartphone in 2019

iPhone XR beat all different iPhones

The iPhone XR has been the best-selling iPhone from Apple in every quarter of 2018 and 2019, except for the launch quarter ending September 2018.
But, it wasn’t only Apple, across all the brands in the iPhone XR market – outselling every smartphone seemed to make people around the world still shy about spending more than $ 1000 dollars on a smartphone.

Apple capturing 3% market share in Q3 2019

Q3 dominated the iPhone XR global market with a significant 3% share until 2019 (end of June).

It is followed by the Samsung Galaxy A10, Galaxy A50, Oppo A9 and iPhone 11 (among other devices) but none of them match the 3% mark. Not surprisingly, Samsung’s Ace and Note-Series and OnePlus’s budget flagship didn’t even make it to the top ten.

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The iPhone XR accounted for over 25% of Apple’s iPhone sales

As indicated by Counterpoint that the iPhone XR contributed more than 25% of Apple’s global iPhone sales in the third quarter.
Perhaps this is why the Cupertino giant chose to push the phone further by lowering the price of the phone in leading smartphone markets like India and China.
The unprecedented ubiquity of the iPhone XR and offers positively showcase the development of Apple. The company has been plagued by poor business, however, as the spending limit may be a way for people to re-invent things like the iPhone, the iPhone XR and the iPhone 5.
Also, a medium iPhone SE2 is also running.

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