CES 2020: Samsung to introduce NEON that could be your best friend

At CES 2020 tech giant Samsung is about to introduce artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital assistant called NEON that launch in January 2020.

According to a tweet by Pranab Mistry and Director of Star Labs, Shekhar Kapoor, This new product created by Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Labs (Star Labs), has been identified as artificial intelligence that can be your “best friend”.

Then, follow the article about this.

CES 2020: Samsung to introduce NEON that could be your best friend

However, NEON isn’t identified with Bixby

Bixby which is Samsung’s existing AI-powered digital assistant and it is found in Samsung-owned smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other devices.
At that time, it has confirmed over an official tweet that NEON is not isn’t identified with Bixby or anything before. That means the NEON is a smart digital assistant or something completely new just like an AI-powered robot.

Will NEON could be your best friend?

Yes, that is a big question that might surround in our mind, Shekhar Kapur (Academy Award winner) is building the hype around NEON. Recently he said over Tweeter “What SiFi movies have just started exploring, the Indian born scientist @pranavmistry is bringing soon to your home. Artificial Intelligence is as your best friend? Come see us at #CES2020 at the #NEON corner.”
Most probably NEON would be a digital assistant that can understand our feelings.
Not only that, we understand that the new AI product will provide multilingual experiences, as indicated by teasers the official NEON Twitter handle and suggests NEON will support Hindi for interaction and communication.

When Samsung will announce the NEON?

Samsung will announce the AI-powered digital assistant which holds title NEON at the CES 2020 and we shall know more about the new product.
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