Google Discover Dark Mode: How to enable on your mobile


Google Discover Dark Mode

As first Google announced ‘Dark Mode‘ features for Pixel user which is extraordinary for eyes yet additionally for smartphones, mainly AMOLED screen. Normally, iOS and Android have introduced a system-wide dark UI.
But, all apps do not support Dark Mode feature for non Pixel users; you are most likely using a light-themed Google Discover feed. Be that as it may, with these hacks, you can go with that. 
Finally, the search giant found is an AI-controlled content recommendation service that shows news articles, videos, reviews, and web journals based on your browsing history. It likewise utilizes your location for weather updates. Further, you can also customize the Discover feed as per your significant content.
Google Discover Dark Mode: How to enable on your mobile
You can enable the Dark Mode in three methods: See below

Method #1: Using Pixel Launcher

Google’s exclusive the Pixel Launcher support for the dark theme which is in-built and it applies automatically if you select a dark wallpaper.
All you have to do a long-press on the home screen then tap on “wallpapers”, and chose any dull wallpaper to see the Google Feed in dark mode, it may take somewhat longer to change from light to dark cause this setting is enabled by a server-side switch

Method #2: Using Nova Launcher 

Independently, in the event that you use the Nova Launcher on your phone, you can undoubtedly change to a dark-themed Discover feed. Simply, you have to download the Nova Google Companion.
Then, go to Nova Settings > Integrations. Tap on Google Discover to enable and install Nova Google Companion, that’s it.
Further, you can likewise use Nova Launcher to set gestures to launch the Discover feed.

Method#2: Using Dark Mode supported Google app

To get the dark mode on Google Discover window you need to download the latest Google app.
After launch the app head to More > Settings > General > Dark Theme and choose the “Always” option to change the color of the bottom tab, all search pages and others to a dark theme. But, the Discover feed will not change to dark mode.
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