WhatsApp will not support older versions of Android and iOS phone

WhatsApp will not support older versions of Android and iOS phone: Details

The Facebook-owned company has announced that the most popular messaging platform ‘WhatsApp‘ will quit taking a shot at Windows Phones after the end of this current year.
In addition, the app will likewise get unusable on some more older versions of Android and iOS both from February 2020.
WhatsApp says goodbye to Windows platform
WhatsApp has said that it would pull back support for all Windows-based mobiles after December 31. This implies in the event that you claim a Nokia Lumia or a comparative phone, you will be unable to open a new account from January 2020.
The main reason behind halting support for these phones is on the grounds that WhatsApp will never again develop for Windows Phone OS.
Older version of Android and iOS devices will also stop supporting
If your mobile is running on the below operating system you won’t have the option to use WhatsApp from ahead of schedule next year.
Expect Windows phone the messaging platform will likewise quit dealing with running Android 2.3.7 along iOS 7 and more older after February 1, 2020.
Now the solution is that you have to upgrade your mobile software or get another handset that runs the latest OS.
Note: WhatsApp won’t immediately quit working yet the app won’t get any further updates. Besides, you will most likely be unable to open a new account.
The WhatsApp has said that it “will no longer actively develop for these platforms” and some features “may stop functioning at any time.”
WhatsApp also introducing new features for latest OS
The company is introducing some new features like – new Group Privacy settings, fingerprint verification, dark mode, and self-disappearing messages, among different features. As well as, WhatsApp is likewise developing new multi-device support for
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