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Xiaomi launched 3-in-1 flashlight, lamp,power bank with 2,600mAh Li-ion battery

Right after the launch of the Cute Little Power Bank, the tech giant Xiaomi has launched a new 3-in-1 power bank in China.
The device can be utilized as a flashlight, a light just as a power bank, because of a built-in battery.
Let’s take a look at the multi-functional device
On the Xiaomi Youpin website, the power bank is listed as the ‘Natuo Multifunction Induction Flashlight’ (via Google Translate). It is basically a multipurpose flashlight and can be wall-mounted to be utilized as a light.
Further, it can automatically turn on when somebody is close and turn off when nobody is around, with the help of built-in proximity sensors.
The built-in sensor has a 120-degree FoV which enables the lamp to identify human presence from to the extent 3 meters. In addition, depending upon your location, it can likewise modify the surrounding light.
The device powered by 2,600mAh Li-ion battery
You can use this device as a flashlight also as a power bank. Because of a built-in 2,600mAh Lithium-ion battery, via a USB Type-A port, it can charge a compatible device like a smartphone or wireless earphones.
However there is no fast charging technology available, the power bank is very useful especially when you are traveling.
The multi-functional device Pricing
In China, the multi-functional device comes with at a cost of 119 Yuan. But, at present, there is no official word regarding availability in India of the Natuo Multifunction Induction Flashlight.

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