Facebook’s redesigned new look for desktop: Details


Facebook, the most popular social media platform worldwide which is the redesigned avatar for desktop. The new redesign already started rolling out. As indicated by a report that as of now few Facebook users can try this new look over a web browser and the feature will be available more broadly after a few months.

The updated Facebook experience, named “FB5,” which announced during the F8 developer conference last year, disguised the design elements of the Facebook mobile app and brought a white-ish, low-jerk interface with more beautiful icons.

Everything you need to know more about this new redesigned Facebook.

The new feature offers Dark Mode

In the same way as other apps, it additionally gets a dark mode for losing weight in the eyes of users. The theme will darken the background of the Facebook interface, but keep in mind that it will not work automatically according to your system settings.

So, you need to manually flip the Dark Mode switch to enable it.

Select Facebook users can get this feature

At the moment, this dark mode feature available to a small percentage of Facebook users, not for all. If you see a pop-up message to try “The New Facebook” after logging then you are lucky.

Once you have chosen, you will be able to access Facebook’s redesigned desktop look.

Apart from that, Facebook will also provide an option to share feedback to rebuilt sites or report if a feature is buggy and wasted. Further, if you dislike the new design, classic Facebook will also have the option to go back, as most people currently have.

When this “The New Facebook” will roll out?

According to the report, Facebook is wanting to grow the roll-out of the new look in the coming months. However, the company plans it will roll-out to be all the more broadly before Spring 2020.


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