Google could unveil two mid-range Pixel phones this year

Google could unveil two mid-range Pixel phones this year


Google could unveil two Pixel Phones those would be a mid-range version of the latest flagship the Pixel 4, according to the latest reports. Although, some rendering of the resonant multi-shaped device, called Pixel 4A, has already been released online.

Here are the details of Google Pixel’s mid-range phones.

New Pixel phone codename detected

Some people at XDA-Developers revealed three new devices code-name, sunfish, redfin, and bramble with the SoC platforms that they are running on. Code-names suggest that this technology is working with multiple mid-range pixels in 2020 where one of them is at Pixel 4.

All pixel phones released to date have been coded internally after any one type of fish. For example, the original Pixel was called Sailfish although the recently launched Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were dubbed Flame and Coral respectively.

Inside of the recently released codenames

The “sunfish” code-name was found in an AOSP repository and was found on the sm7150 platform. Sunfish is comprised of two development branches, one of which is based on Android 10 and the other is based on Android 11. This code-name was identified in a string on the Google app along with other Pixel devices, indicating that the code could point to the pixel 4a.

Then the code is named “Redfin” which could be sm7250 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 765, any device made on the mobile platform. “Redfin” is developing an ODM and is developing with Android 10 on the board.

Devices with at least Android 10 on-board are being developed

Last but not least, Bramble identified the third code-name. It has appeared on AOSP more than once and is based on the sm7250 / snapdragon 765 mobile platform where it seems to be developing with Android 10 as well as Android 11.

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Two devices will debut this year

Three mid-range 2020 pixels phones are expected this year. Sunfish can be launch 4G-only in Pixel 4 while bramble or redfin can be Pixel 4 XL with 5G-ready. Bramble may be a commercial device and the other seems to be in development.


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