OnePlus showcased one black variant Concept smartphone

OnePlus showcases Concept smartphone with invisible-camera


OnePlus Concept One showcased a black variant of the smartphone that was tricked into CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The new model, which we saw earlier this month, looks great. It features a black-leather finish instead of the McLaren-inspired papaya orange shade.

Kevin Tao suggested as the company’s design team that the early prototype model was a black variant with a McLaren logo on the top with a black leather rear panel and no OnePlus branding. This model comes with some carbon fiber-like design components around the camera lens, not the same as OnePlus Concept One, at CES 2020.

The OnePlus Concept One smartphone is being called here again

OnePlus Concept One accompanies a novel invisible camera design inspired by the McLaren 720S’s electronic roof, which changes its tint when an electrical sign is passed. In this way, when you open the camera app the back glass gets an electrical sign to change its shade and show the camera. Likewise, Likewise, when the camera app closes, the glass becomes dark again.

OnePlus spent three months for this invisible camera

The electrochromic glass comes with 0.35mm thick and it can transform from opaque to transparent in 0.7 seconds which is totally different from any other electrochromic glass.

The OnePlus team went through three months optimizing and protecting Concept One’s invisible camera speed and power consumption, as indicated by Kevin Tao.

The electrochromic (EC) glass also acts as an ND filter

Apart from that, the electrochromic (EC) glass also acts as a neutral density (ND) filter. For the uninterrupted, an ND filter blocks excess light so you can capture scenes that would otherwise have been too bright and overly exposed.

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Accordingly, it can enable longer exposure shots for some sensational impacts while catching scenes, for example, running water.

Company is working on a new design

Further, Tao indicated that OnePlus is presently taking a shot at another design called ECMF, where “E” represents Electronic and CMF is for Colors and Materials Finish.

As a feature of this design, OnePlus is “working with dynamically featured materials.” Using the built-in hardware, these features can be controlled and tuned to suit the needs of the device.


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