OnePlus unveils Concept One smartphone with disappearing camera

OnePlus unveils Concept One smartphone with disappearing camera


One of the well-known smartphone makers OnePlus has unveiled a Concept One smartphone at CES 2020, debuts a disappearing rear camera.

The Concept One smartphone has an electronic chromic glass that can make it clear or obscure to expose or hide camera sensors. Further, the glass can also be semi-transparent to effectively convert it to a neutral density filter.

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Everything you need to know about these features

This disappearing camera feature is roused by the electrochromic rooftop on the McLaren 720S. A McLaren-sourced electrochromic glass has been used that changes its tint when an electrical signal is passed.

In this way, when the user opens the camera app, the rear glass gets an electrical signal to change its shade and show the camera and when the camera app shuts the glass goes dark once more.

As indicated by the company, the real development in the electrochromic glass utilized on Concept One. It is measure 0.35mm thick and it can transition from opaque to transparent in 0.7 seconds.

EC Glass also acts as an effective ND filter

Electrochromic (EC) glass can be similarly semi-transparent, it can serve as a neutral thickness (ND) filter, enabling the user to shoot photographs and recordings in bright conditions.

To avail of these features, the user needs to enter Pro mode in the Camera app and tap on the ND8 button. Currently, it gives a three-stop reduction and the price is non-variable vari.

Further, the company claimed, that this technology can help design a phone at least four cameras on the rear side. The ND filter highlight can likewise improve smartphone photography.

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When the Concept One smartphone will release

As indicated by OnePlus, despite everything it needs to take a shot at some technical details before it can apply this technology to a smartphone.


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