Xiaomi could launch a 256MP camera smartphone: Details

Xiaomi could launch a 256MP camera smartphone: Details


Xiaomi could launch a 256MP camera smartphone. After the short mastery of 64MP and 108MP cameras, another enormous megapixel knock gives off an impression of being en route, because of what could be a Xiaomi smartphone facilitating a 256MP camera.

Here are all the details.

Everything you need to know this 256MP camera phone

Xiaomi has not yet reported anything about the 256MP phone, yet, such a device of a tipster called ‘Digital Chat Station’ has found. Recently shared a screenshot indicating a view of a device holding the 256MP camera. Further, they could not locate the device but the camera UI found in the picture proves that it could be a Xiaomi phone.

Rumors indicate that Xiaomi is making this 256MP phone, but many important details about the device are still unclear such as whether the smartphone will actually host a 256MP camera or it will only present 646MP images at 256MP using software mastery.

Before, several companies used the upselling trick to increase the resolution of images.

This tipster hinted at the development of a 256MP camera earlier

Earlier in a post on Weibo, the digital chat station teased that a 256MP image sensor is supplying a component.

It is still unclear whether Sony or anyone else is providing it, and the latest development clearly indicates that 256MP camera phones can become a thing.

No official information about the availability of 256MP phone

It goes without saying that the 276MP camera phone will be officially available in the market. However, if that were the case, it would be interesting to prove how much the extra megapixel is worth, especially against flagship-grade phones.

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