Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds with EQ technology to launch In India soon

Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds with EQ technology to launch In India soon


Lenovo is about to launch new earphones dubbed as Lenovo HT10 Pro that will show up as the spin-off of a year ago’s HT10TWS model. The new earbuds will cost Rs. 4,499 in the Indian market, as per the company.

It will hold the vast majority of the features while providing a new EQ technology to deliver better sound output.

Lenovo HT10 Pro will offer an in-ear design

Just like the past model this Lenovo HT10 Pro gets the same in-ear design. The body of the earbuds will include a dual-tone plastic and gets swappable silicon ear tips.

The charging case will retain the same as the previous model and provide a front LED to indicate the rest of the charge.

The HT10 Pro earbuds will offer an EQ technology

The company suggests, that the HT10 Pro will include a new EQ technology that enables the user to switch between modes to experience different frequencies of the music.

The technology uses two modes – Pure Music and Extra Bass. Different modes can be given different wavelengths of the song in this earbud. This mode can be changed by pressing a single button. Earlier, this feature was only available on a premium device, but this time it will be available at comparable low price earbuds with multiple equalizer settings.

The earbuds provide up to 48 hours of battery life

It has a dual microphone. The company claims that using these earbuds for special designs will not hurt the ear. This device will be protected even when there is a call.

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Further, the Lenovo suggests this earphone case can be heard for up to 48 hours once fully charged. Inside the earphones are the Qualcomm 3020 chipset. Has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. There is aptX Audio Codec support for better sound.

Lenovo HT10 Pro launching in India soon

Lenovo HT10 Pro will be priced in India at Rs. 4.499. It will launch in India soon. However, the previous model comes with the price tag of Rs. 3,899.


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