Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Apple AirPods Pro – Comparison


Recently Samsung has launched its Galaxy Buds+ the truly wireless earphone along with the Galaxy S20 series. However, this new Galaxy Buds+ is an upgraded version of the previous Galaxy Buds. This new earphone comes with a premium in-ear design, improve battery and sound quality. Yet, how does Galaxy Buds+ contribution contrast with that of Apple AirPods Pro?

Here is a comparison between the two earbuds.

First look at both earphones design

Galaxy Buds has an in-ear design with silicone ear-tips batter fit. It is featuring a blend of matte and glossy plastics and comes in Black, White, and Blue shading options.

Other hands, Apple AirPods Pro provides a transparent white plastic body with swappable rubbery ear tips, a vent system to help balance stress, and a little stem than customary AirPods.

The sound quality of both handsets

You find a new 2-way dynamic speaker system on Galaxy Buds+ with dedicated woofer and a tweeter for improved bass generation and as well as clean upper notes. For enhanced call quality, it gets an adaptive 3-microphone system.

On the AirPods Pro, you get a single speaker driver, a high dynamic range amplifier and for audio processing, it has a dedicated chip.

What features they offer

The new Galaxy Bud + has an Ambient mode that allows you to raise/lower the sound of the enclosure, but no ANC available.

In comparison, the AirPods Pro includes Active Noise Cancellation for clear background noise, a “transparency mode” helps you hear ambient sounds (unlike ANC), and “Adaptive EQ” that are eager to tune your ear to music automatically.

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What type of battery we expect from them

AirPods Pro retains up to 4.5 hours of music playback. But, with the carry case, you get an extra 24 hours battery life.

In comparison, on a single charge, the Galaxy Buds+ provides up to 11 hours of listening time and the charging case extends up to 22 hours, further, this case supports wireless charging.

Finally, the price comparison between them

The Apple AirPods Pro is available at Rs. 24.990. However, the Galaxy Buds+ cost $149 (about Rs 10,500) in international market. Samsung has yet announced the actual price for India.


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