Microsoft Bing introduced online tracker for COVID-I9 outbreak


Microsoft Bing has introduced a dedicated online tracker to inform the general public about the global outbreak of COVID-I9 virus disease. With this tracker, you can verify the current scale of the epidemic, complete with the number of infections and deaths worldwide, check via It is quite similar to John Hopkins University

In a statement, Michael Schechter (General Manager for Bing Growth and Distribution at Microsoft) said that “A lot of Bing people worked last week (from home) to create a mapping and authoritative news agency for COVID-19 data,”

Microsoft Bing introduced online tracker for COVID-I9 outbreak

Microsoft Bing introduced online tracker for COVID-I9 outbreak

What the Bing-powered COVID-19 tracker provides

The COVID-19 tracker provides global and country-specific transmission statistics to show the prevalence of epidemics and the situation of each individual nation such as Italy, China or India. Also, there is a separate tab to get details about the number of infectious deaths around the world and as well as each country.

It also provides coronavirus-related news

In addition to infection and death statistics, the portal also ready to indicates news about coronavirus from each location. That means, if you want to check the number of cases in your own country or other then it will display all coronavirus related outbreak with the latest news updates from the country.

For infection statistics, all the numbers are regularly updated and consolidated from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Google is also working to create a coronavirus portal

US President Trump said that the US government is working with Google on the Coronavirus site. There will be two portals – one for screening patients, which are being created and tested by the Alphabet’s Verily. The other provides Americans with information about coronavirus symptoms, risks, and test centers.

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