Qualcomm introduced QCC514X and QCC304X chipsets


Qualcomm the well-known processors’ maker has introduced the QCC514X and QCC304X series of chipsets alongside two new audio technologies that supported chipsets. Both chipsets have been upgraded to the previous QCC 5100 and QCC 30X. The QCC514X chipset is more premium while the QCC304X series affordable true wireless earphones

Both chipsets come with TrueWireless Mirroring and Hybrid Active Noise Hybrid ANC technology

The primary connection to the source device of the TrueWireless Mirroring is to switch seamlessly between any of the two earphones and will allow both of the earphones to be used alone without interruption. Further, it helps the headphones to be set as the primary headset.

Qualcomm introduced new chipsets and audio tech for wireless earphones (2)

Two new audio technologies

At present many truly wireless earphones do not offer you a fixed ‘master’ earphone, which connects to smartphones, tablets or computers without a few options like Apple AirPods Pro that uses the same technology.  That means many true wireless earphone manufacturers will have access to such technology.

The Qualcomm’s QCC514X and QCC304X chipsets support ‘Hybrid Active Noise Hybrid ANC’ technology and the ‘always-on voice assistant’ feature. However, the QCC304x eliminates this feature, but it does support manual activation where you need to activate the voice assistant using physical controls in the earphones.

Besides, users will be able to summon a voice assistant without pressing a button, in addition to a better listening experience for noise cancellation and more natural audition or transparency functionality; the assistant will be prompted only to say the word wake in the range of the headset.

These Qualcomm chipsets provide improve battery life

To optimize power consumption, Qualcomm’s new chipsets provide a long-life battery. According to the company, users can use up to 13 hours from earbuds (depends on usage conditions).

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The new truly wireless earphones will also support existing technologies

With these new chipsets, true wireless earphones will likely support existing Qualcomm technologies like CVC Environmental Noise Cancellation and aptX series of Bluetooth codecs.


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