How to use Skype ‘Meet Now’ free conference call service


Microsoft’s Skype has introduced ‘Meet Now ‘a new free conference call service. According to the company, this new feature is not yet available and it enables the host to start a group conversation without having to download the app or sign up.

The ‘Meet Now’ enables you to create a unique link with just a click as well as you can share the link to others to invite the host. Further, you can use this faction via the Skype app or Skype website.

How to use the ‘Meet Now’ feature

To use this feature, you need to have a Skype account or if not you can create a new account that comes totally free of cost. After that just sign in to the app and hit the ‘Meet Now’ option and then you to receive a unique link that is shareable. So just share the link with the participants and begin the call. Interestingly, the link is not expirable and so you can create meetings anytime.

Finally, when both of you are ready, just click the ‘Start Call’ button to begin the call.

How to use Skype 'Meet Now’ free conference call service

How to use Skype ‘Meet Now’ free conference call service

How to use without Skype account

If you do not have a Skype account, you can only start a video call from the Skype website. All you need to do is click ‘Create a Free Meeting’ on the webpage and share the link with your participants to host the call.

Participants do not need any sign-ups or downloads

To use ‘Meet Now’, participants don’t need a sign-up or download. If an inviting person uses a Skype app then the conference call will be opened in the app.

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Note: The Skype web client is currently available on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser.

Record a call for future

According to Skype, Meetings have no expiry date so you can create your meetings ahead and also join anytime. Skype will certainly hold your call recordings for approximately thirty days and also shared media even much longer.

Moreover, before you enter the call, your background blur, and your screen as you can share with participants in the Skype app.


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