MIUI 12 announced – Check which phones to receive this new interface


Xiaomi announced MIUI 12 along with its Mi 10 Youth Edition 5G phone. The new MIUI 12 interface brings an Always on Display feature, live wallpapers, several new animations, and improved privacy features include Flare, Barbed Wire, Mask system as well as improved multi-window.

So, here are the new features of the new MIUI 12 UI.

MIUI 12 featuring new user interface features

This new UI provides a smoother and more simplified interface. It comes with a bright white background that highlights text as well as wide gaps between texts. To make it easier for viewers to understand, there are a number of more graphics and visuals that complement the text.

According to Xiaomi, it has worked extensively with system animation and redesigned almost all transitions on the phone. Further, it included screen rotation, app launch as well as close with rearranging icons on the home screen. Just like Android 10 it also brings new navigation gestures.

New live wallpapers are also there

It launched with unique live wallpapers including Mars and Earth. Similarly, Earth Live Wallpaper allows you to zoom in on aerial views of different parts of the planet. To create high-precision 3D Martian land-forms for these wallpapers it has Mars search data. While in dark mode, the planet also enters at night and the visuals represent what the planet looks like when it is dark.

Moreover, during open a folder, the wallpaper zooms in, and when you close it, it zooms out. Similarly, when you open a folder, the wallpaper zooms in and out when you close it. Apart from this, the new Always-on Display that inspired by Mars and Earth. For, full-screen apps, it has another optimized multi-window feature and support floating chat window.

MIUI 12 announced - Check which phones to receive this new interface


It brings new improved privacy features

Xiaomi has put a lot of emphasis on privacy with MIUI12 by calming the ‘Android Enhanced Privacy Protection Test’ conducted by TIV Rhineland. The feature includes Flare that basically puts a tab on all the permissions given to different apps and shows an alert when these apps are using a camera or GPS.

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Along with this, the Barbed Wire feature enables the user to allow applications for a specified period of time. This will allow users to enable or disallow permission for the app only once, each time. Lastly, the new Mask System works to prevent apps from accessing IMEI, calendar, call logs, and more.

Then, what are other features

With other features, Xiaomi added new health features that can record steps and other activities with just 1% of battery consumption throughout the day. In the case of people with hearing or voice disabilities, the new Overlay brings AI calling feature that replicates the conversation in real-time to aid in the use of feedback strategies other than conversation.

When the MIUI 12 will roll-out?

As mentioned that Xiaomi has already announced it in China alongside the new Mi 10 Youth Edition 5G phone. The first batch including the Mi10 Pro, Mi10, Mi9 Pro 5G, Mi9, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi K30, Redmi K20 Pro, and Redmi K20 phones roll-out will start at the end of June; however, the deadlines for the second and third batches have not yet been announced.


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