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Increase the battery life of smartphones with these 5 tips

Want to increase the battery life of smartphones? Needless to say, the smartphone in our hands has risen to prominence. In addition to simple phone calls or messaging, our smartphone has become the largest means of entertainment, communication, and information in daily life. Even now, we have to rely on this device to conduct meetings in online classes or video conferencing. But, for the battery life of the phone, we often get in trouble. Repeatedly charging the phone is as annoying as it is troublesome. However, we are going to share 5 tips so that the battery life of your fist phone will be a bit longer.

  1. Keep the brightness of the display low

The display has a role to play in reducing the charge on the smartphone. If the brightness level of the display is high, it will consume more battery. So, do not increase the brightness level of the phone unnecessarily. However, it is best if you use the ‘Auto-Brightness’ feature. This will save a lot of battery on your smartphone.

Increase the battery life of smartphones with these 5 tips

2. Turn off the Always-on Display feature

One more display settings need to be taken care of to save the battery life of the phone. We often turn on the Always-on Display feature to see the time, date, and notifications at a glance. However, since the display is always on, the charge of the phone ends very quickly. So turn off this setting.

Also, when customizing the phone’s theme, font, or animation, keep in mind that the phone’s charge ends quickly. Understand that the more features are used on the phone, the less the battery life of the phone. Not only that, using the phone’s battery saver option all the time can make the phone’s battery performance worse.

3. Do not use live wallpapers

Using live wallpapers consumes more battery than the phone’s display. In this, phone resources are always used to refresh the screen at a high rate and to keep live wallpapers updated. Naturally, it consumes more battery.

4. Close running background apps

Apps running in the background of the phone, the device’s processor is always used and the battery drains quickly. So to reduce the use of the phone’s processor and save battery, close all applications running in the background.

5. Turn off location and connectivity options

If you notice a little, you will see that if the GPS or location feature of the phone is on, the charge runs out quickly. So, turn off the GPS of the phone if not needed. Again, even if the phone has Bluetooth on, the battery of the phone is severely reduced. If you don’t use Bluetooth, turn it off too.

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